Showcase: Cordula Daus on her project Outer Woman

A project from ZFF – Zentrum Fokus Forschung (University of Applied Arts Vienna)

Showcase presents selected projects, topics and fields of research from die Angewandte

About the Project

We’re all of women born. What if this fundamental biological fact was put into question? The artistic research project Outer Woman examines the concept of a creation and birth through an artificial womb.

In the course of her investigation, the writer-artist Cordula Daus will create a script for an artificial uterus. She will inquire about the state of the art in the biological sciences, and develop alternate scenarios of gestation beyond the mother. The outer woman and her world will not be created by one writer alone but in mutual exchange with bioscientists, midwives, philosophers, bioethicists, as well as other researchers, performers, and artists. They will not only provide materials for a narration but collaborate in the development of new methods of feminist thinking, of artistic research and writing.

Cordula, how do you transform understanding?

How does understanding form you?
Does understanding transform your how?
How do you understand ‘under-standing’?

Cordula Daus is a writer-artist working across theory, fiction and performance. Her books, lecture performances and live audio plays have been presented at Research Pavilion #3 (Venice), Wiener Festwochen, Centre d'Art Santa Mònica (Barcelona), Conceptual Poetics Day/Akademie der Künste (Berlin), among others. Daus is the co-founder of the Special Interest Group on Language-based Artistic Research (SAR) and an Elise Richter PEEK research fellow (FWF).

ZFF (Zentrum Fokus Forscht) is the department for postgraduate research projects in the field of art and science at die Angewandte.

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